2010 by Celeste Westhaven
SMART Management represents diverse models and talent for an international market. We assist models with negotiating contracts with agencies and expanding their careers in television, film and other aspects of the media industry.You can be more..
Company Overview
To locate talent and add value and longevity to careers in the fashion and entertainment industries.
“Simply SMARTer.”
Management for male, female, models, actors, and celebrities. We consult portfolio development, industry integration, agency contract negotiation, all aspects of talent training.___________________________________

HBO, CBS, Bravo, Chinet, Toyota, Samsung, Home Depot

12 responses to “About

  1. am really interested in this but am not an experience model….hope there will be a remedy for me.
    anticipating your response.

  2. Nankling if you have a strong enough passion to do modeling than nothing can stop you!!!

  3. I have been modeling for a little while and all the agencies that have showed an interest in me were scams and just trying to get my money. I have taken a look at this website and you guys look like the real deal. I want to make modeling, or maybe even acting, a career. I am so serious about it and am willing to put fourth the work it involves. I am interested in being a new face in SMART Model Management.

  4. hey, im interested!

  5. Hello, I’m interested in your business

  6. I did a little modeling when I was a teenager, but did not pursue the field as I would have liked, as a result of a very strict dad. I am now a school teacher, and have two of three children who are extremely interested in being in the field whom I’d love to help, but am unsure of how. They are both excellent candidates! Is there anyway your agency would at least be willing to give them any opportunity at all, or offer any advice? Thank you for your time and consideration.

  7. Looking for an opportunity to fulfilled my dreams. Do your agency offer open calls?

  8. Hello I am Mecca McDaniel, and wanted to get into the modeling career. Really dont have a lot of experience but I am a fast and driven learner. I also stay in the Inland Empire. Please can you give me a reply back on any advice. Thank you
    Best Regards,
    Mecca McDaniel

  9. I am interested!!!

  10. Hey Guys. I’m really Interesting in this. Im not a Model But I know I do have all What are you looking for. I hope i can have the Opportunity to show all my Skills…!!!! Check my Instagram ChrisAngel07

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