Who’s Who

SMART Model Management is run by CEO Celeste Westhaven. Seeing a niche left unserviced for truly model-centered management after the fashion of  the old Hollywood studios and the era of the Supermodel, Celeste has assembled an international team of talented managers, trainers and publicists necessary to take SMART models to the next level of performance and market exposure.

She is assisted by the following core staff:

CARLOS MIGUEL: President/General Manager

ATLAS ARANAIS: VP Corporate Relations


ALAHN BREZAN: Director of Men’s Board

DIAN THOMPSON: Director of Women’s Board

H. VAESSEN: Director of European Board


One response to “Who’s Who

  1. Jennifer Williams

    this is a message for Alahn Brezan
    I am Jennifer Williams from Australia. We met in NYC whilst I was walking with my African American teenagers. You were particularly interested in my son Qadry who is 18 and has done some modelling and extras work in Australia.
    Well Qadry is back in the uSA and is keen to get to work.
    We live in NJ and he is currently stayin in New York with a friend
    Please let me know if you are interested in discussing any future work with Qadry or even my 17yr old daughter EJ.
    Jennifer Williams
    Ph 908 531 3034

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